Oil Gas Pipes
  • Seamless steel pipe

    Standard:GB9948--------- China National StandardModel:10、20、12CrMo 、15CrMo、1Cr2Mo、1Cr5Mo、1Crl9Ni9、1Crl9Ni11NbMechanical properties:Grade  Tensile strength(Mpa)Yield strength(Mpa)Elongation(%)The impact of power(J)10330~490≥205≥24/20410~550≥245≥21≥3912CrMo410~560≥205≥21≥5515CrMo44...

  • Line Pipe

    Standard:API SPEC 5L,ISO 3183, GB / T 9711 Purpose:For the oiland gas industry, gas, water, oil transportationMechanical properties: Standard Grade Tensile strength (MPa) Yield strength (MPa) Elongation (%) Impact energy (J) API SPEC 5L ISO 3183 ...

  • 3PE/PP Anti-corrosion pipe

    Standard:Outer coating: NF A49-710, DIN30670, CAN CSA 21, CAN CSA 20, SY/T0315 andother relevant national standard steel pipe external corrosion;Internal Coating: NF A49-709, API RP 5L2, SY/T0457 and other relevantnational standard steel pipe coating. Purpose:The outer coating is mainly used fo...