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  • Oil Well Pipes

    Casings, oil pipes, drill stems, kelly stems and drill collars are called oil well pipes. Casings are the steel pipes supporting oil and gas well walls, mainly divided into surface casings, technical casings and oil string casings; oil pipes are mounted in the oil string casings after the oil well is dug and cemented, from which the oil gas is surged to the ground seamless pipes. The company mainly produces oil pipes and casings.Show Products

  • Oil Gas Pipes

    Special seamless tubes applied for oil and natural gas conveying and in refining industry.Show Products

  • Boiler Pipes

    Marine pipes refer to the pressure pipe Grade I and II pressure resistant pipelines manufacturing ships and boiler and superheater carbon steel and carbon-manganese steel seamless pipes; boiler pipes are the seamless boiler pipes, mainly divided into medium and low-pressure boiler seamless pipe and high-pressure boiler seamless pipes. Since the production of special seamless tubes in 1993, the company has been developing new products to meet market requirements. It has sucessfully developed low, medium and high pressure boiler tubes, etc.Show Products

  • Air bottle Pipes

    Since 1993 the company began to produce specialized seamless pipes has been constantly developing new products to meet market demand, has successfully developed low, medium and high pressure boiler tubes.Show Products

  • Ship Pipes

    Ships pipe is used in the manufacture of ships Ⅰ and Ⅱ grade pressure piping, boilers and Superheater carbon and carbon-manganese steel seamless pipe; since 1993 the Company started to produce specialized seamless pipes has been constantly to develop new products to meet market demand. Our ship management has been certified to use nine countries.Show Products

  • Car And Structure

    Automotive mechanical structure with seamless steel hydraulic prop tube.Show Products

  • Stainless Steel Pipes

    Stainless steel is a long hollow circular steel products, mainly used in petroleum, chemical, medical, food, light industry, machinery and other industrial pipeline instrumentation and mechanical structural components. In addition, bending, torsional strength, lighter, so it is widely used in manufacture of mechanical parts and engineering structures.Show Products

  • Special Pipes

    Groove Tube; zooming tube; 09CuPCrNi weathering steel; alloy tube 09CrCuSb (ie ND steel); cryogenic pipe resistance to seawater (Cl) corrosion dedicated pipe; 09CrMoAl sulfur (S, HS) corrosion dedicated pipe; 07Cr2AlMo transmission fluid with seamless steel pipe ; shaped seamless steel pipe - with a U-shaped heat exchanger tubes seamless; shaped seamless steel pipe - corrugated tube heat exchanger, spiral fluted tube; seamless steel high nominal pipe; pipes, containers, equipment, structures tube; precision seamless; without plating and hot dip galvanized welded and seamless nominal steel pipe.Show Products