Open Day, held successfully in VAM® Changzhou

Since several successful Open Day activities held by Vallourec (China) Changzhou plant, VAM® Changzhou Plant held employee’s children Open Day activity for the first time on August 23rd 2019. Employees'children were invited by VAM® Changzhou Plant to visit the plant where their parents are working there.

This activity was especially planned for the attendance of employees' children. The plant received almost 30 children whose age is between 8 and 14. Through learning about the knowledge of production,visiting VAM® plant and participating in activities organized by plant’s employees, these children gradually know more about their parents' working environment and job responsibilities.


Led by the VAM® Changzhou employees at the production line,children made the plant tour. Through visiting the plant, children realized that the hardship of their parents, and after that they feel more grateful to their parents.

 The children who participated in the Open Day were given a warm reception by leaders at all status and employees of all departments. All of them had received safety training before visiting, moreover, the children also took a quiz contest



Children is visiting their parents' work


Children are actively participating in quizzes


children made the plant tour



A tug of war and “you draw and I guess” game



Children's interaction in various activity on the Open Day

This activity not only enables the children to understand the modern production process of the plant, but also strengthens employees and their families of the safety awareness. As a result, children have a further understanding of our plant.