Quality Day is… everyday!

Our “Customer & Quality Day” took placeon June 12th in Changzhou.

The name of the day reflected its theme andgoal: focus on quality to better serve our Customers. “Thesatisfaction of our customers is one of the major challenges of Quality.”

In 2018, we progressed on certain criteriasthanks to everyone’s effort: the severity of claims has significantly decreased; the timetaken to process claims hassignificantly improved.

In Vallourec (China), Steam Tubes and Pipes(STP) Sales Team was honored to have Mr. Chen Dong, Senior Engineer of DongfangBoiler Material Research Institute, who gave an impactful speech and putforward suggestions on how to improve product quality.

Vallourec Tianda team had lots ofhighlights activities, inviting key Customers: Kurvers PipingChina, Wuxi Huayou Steel and Liaoning Dongyu ,organizing an interactive Quality Rules Q&A Award and lucky draw sessions.

The Quality approach aims to: ensure thatour products and services comply with customers’ expectations; regularly assesstheir satisfactions. This is why, in consultation with each Chinese plant, itwas decided to focus this year on meeting customers’ expectations and to recallour No. 1 Quality Golden Rule: Customer requirements and risks of non-quality.