Safety: a way of life!

June 12th, theSafety Day, an annual day dedicated to the Group's top priority: Safety!Vallourec (China) Co., Ltd., VallourecTianda (Anhui) Co., Ltd., VAM® Changzhou, Vallourec Beijing, VallourecShanghai, held their special activities during the day. 

The slogan of this year "Safetyis YOUR decision" remind us that safety is above all a question ofbehavior, a way of life that we must adopt in our professional environment andthat will also adopt in our personal lives.

One of the themes of this year'sSafety Day in Tianda is “Emergency Evacuation Exercise”, which enables allemployees of the company to master escape skills in case of accidents. Let theemployees get familiar with the company's emergency evacuation route, check thefeasibility of the company's emergency contingency plan, and improve theability of self-protection. The whole drill come to a successful conclusion.


At the Group level, two places arefacing the challenges of integrating new entities: Vallourec Tianda (which has already made good progress) and VNTU (VALLOURECNIKO UKRAINE TUBE),whose performance must now accelerate to reach the Group level.

"I am very pleased with theresults obtained since the acquisition of Vallourec Tianda. Despite ourprogress, we still have a long way to go to achieve excellence. The results of some of our customersor competitors are there to remind us that this is possible and that we must doeverything we can to achieve it."comments Pascal Braquehais,Managing Director of Vallourec North East Asia.