Serimax: a story of constant innovation

24/10/2018- Welding solutions, Oil gas

 Serimax presented its latestinnovations during the Technology Days in Houston. Because seeing is believing!

Serimax, the Vallourecsubsidiary specialized in welding,hosted several demos during September in Houston in order toconvince major IOC's and Engineering companies of the welding innovation andevolution they have made this year.

Increasingly efficient products

IOC representatives (Shell, BP,Exxon and Chevron) and engineering companies (Wood, Genesis and Intecsea) wereall present to discover the latest releases and key features of a fleet ofequipment renowned for its robust quality. 

Among the 5 solutions presented,two were new welding processes ready for operations: Hot wireTIG on Saturnax 09 bug and FCAW consumable on Saturnax 01.

Customer satisfaction at theheart of Serimax's strategy

Previously Serimax waswell-known by key industry leaders for its GMAW (Gas Metal Arc Welding) orbital automaticwelding solutions (Saturnax range) then following thetechno days demo, IOC's and Engineering companies have now discovered the fruitof recent investments. For the new TIG solution, positive feedback has alreadybeen

received mainly for an increased productivity and an improved qualitycompared to standard GTAW cold wire procedures.

Saturnax 01 has already beendelivered on projects with production ongoing with our customers' satisfaction.

Stéphane Allain, Serimax's VPTechnology, said: "It's really important to gather existingand potential clients in order to share our recent innovations. Our teams workreally hard waiting for the day their innovations become operational successes.So it's important to guarantee an efficient communication to our customers,especially with the industry moving even faster these days."