Wonderful Performance from Passionate Players!
September 11th comes Day 2 of the Group stage of the First Vallourec Tianda Football Champions Cup, and the event becomes extremely intense and exciting. In particular, the BOSS Team equalized the score at 3:3 at the end of the second half against the preventive maintenance team, even though the latter kept leading in the first half.

As of the end of yesterday, the Specialist Team has 6 points and takes the lead in Group A, followed by the Officer Team and the CIT/Safety Team of 3 points, and the Threading Team A gets nil; In Group B, the BOSS Team and the Maintenance Team have 4 points, followed by the Threading Team B of 3 points and the Production Team of nil. The Specialist Team in Group A has moved on the next match.

On September 12, it will be the last match day of the Group stage. The Specialist Team of Group A is qualified for the final stage. The Threading Team A and the Production Team have failed in the Group stage. The game will be more exciting. The Officer Team and the CIT/Safety Team will compete for a position in the final stage; the BOSS Team, the Maintenance Team, and Threading Team B in Group B all have the chance to go further. There will be big show for us.

The Team that most people believe to the winner at this moment is the Specialist Team.