Power and Passion, First Vallourec Tianda Football Champions Cup Inaugurated
September 10th, Anhui Chuzhou, Tianda, eight Teams in their jerseys entered the Tianda Football Stadium.

In order to promote the spirit of Vallourec and enhance the company's cohesiveness, Vallourec Tianda hosts first Football Champions Cup, which will last for four days from September 10th to 13th. At the opening ceremony, Mr. Pascal Braquehais, President of the Vallourec Northeast Asia, and Mr. Bogdan Burchila, Chairman of Tianda, respectively, gave speeches and congratulations on the opening of the football match and wished the Teams a good result.

The eight Teams are from the factory workshops and all the departments of Vallourec Tianda. They are the BOSS Team、Specialist Team、Officer Team、Threading Team A、Threading Team B、Maintenance Team、Production Team and CIT/Safety Team.

In the group match on the first day, all the Teams performed very well, and the cheers and applause from the audience came one after another on the stadium. All aspects of this match refer to the standard football event, with professional referees and linemen, as well as video referees. If a player disagrees with the referee, video playback would be referred to.

The spirit of the Olympics is friendship, unity and fair play. Through competitions, we not only enjoy the vitality and passion that sports bring us, but also promote the exchange and integration between Teams. This is the charm of sports.

Let's take French national football team as example. We hope that the Teams make their best and show their teamwork and friendship!