We are Tianda, we are Vallourec, we are Winners!

September 14, VallourecTianda

The final on the night of September13 is a visual feast. Specialist Team finally wins the championship, Officer Teamthe runner-up, and Boss Team the third. The Ballon d'Or, Golden Boot, Referee,Best Goalkeeper and Fair Play Awards of this event are also announced.

After the final, all the teamsentered the stadium in sequence. Pascal Braquehais and Bogdan Burchila,president of Vallourec Northeast Asia and chairman of Tianda Company, deliverspeeches respectively, celebrating the success of the event and congratulatingthe teams on their achievements. Vallourec is the family. This year'scompetition attracts colleagues of various positions from Chuzhou, Beijing andShanghai. It is expected that colleagues from Changzhou and Nansha willparticipate in the next competition.

The teams are in two rows, forming along passage, and welcome the champion and individual award winners to receivetheir trophy.

Firstly, the referee award is givento Xu Congbing, the chief referee invited from Zhangzhou Football Association.The trophy is presented by from Bian Shouqing, manager of Tianda ElectricEquipment, and Dai Shuhua, manager of Tianda Hydraulic Equipment.

The Fair Play award is given toLogistics Support Team (composing of Zhang Yiguo from Electric EquipmentDepartment, Ji Dajun from Hydraulic Equipment Department, Wang Baiting, Spare PartsPreventive Maintenance Manager, and Yang Guang Tool Preventive MaintenanceManager), CIT/Safety Team, Threading Team A, Threading Team B, and Production Team.Ms. Fu Jun, Chief Financial Officer of Tianda Oil Pipe, Wei Guanglong, Directorof Vallourec Purchasing Department in China, Claudio Salzano, MaintenanceTrainer of Tianda Oil Pipe, Ludovic Bourdon, Tianda Preventive MaintenanceProject Manager, and Stephane Freville, Tianda Project Integration Manager presentthe teams the trophy.

Wei Guanglong, Director of VallourecPurchasing Department in China presenting the Fair Play award to the players

Ms. Fu Jun, Chief Financial Officerof Tianda Oil Pipe presenting the Fair Play award to the players

Stephane Freville, Tianda ProjectIntegration Manager presenting the Fair Play award to the players

Claudio Salzano, Maintenance Trainerof Tianda Oil Pipe presenting the Fair Play award to the players

Ludovic Bourdon, Tianda PreventiveMaintenance Project Manager presenting the Fair Play award to the players

Lin Wenjun, vice president of thegovernment affairs of the Vallourec Group in China presenting the trophy toMaintenance Team, the fourth place of the event

Xu Yubin, Manager of Human ResourcesDepartment of Tianda Oil Pipe presenting the Best Goalkeeper Award to ChenShuchun, player from the Purchasing Department

Mr. Zhang Huming, general manager ofTianda Oil Pipe presenting the trophy of Ballon d'Or to Mr. Lin Wenjun, VicePresident of Vallourec Government Affairs in China.

Ms. Li Qing, Vice President of HumanResources of Vallourec Northeast Asia presenting the Golden Boot Award toPierre Maisonneuve, President of Human Resources of Vallourec Middle East andAsia.

Bogdan Burchila, chairman of TiandaOil Pipe presenting the trophy for the Third

Pierre Maisonneuve, President ofHuman Resources of Vallourec Middle East and Asia presenting the trophy to theRunner-up

At last, the champion team runsthrough the passage, with the fireworks shoot off and cheers, applause andcongratulations of all the players and fans aroused, and they receive thechampionship trophy from the event from Pascal Braquehais, President of VallourecNortheast Asian.

After theaward ceremony, Pascal Braquehais, President of Vallourec Northeast Asia,delivers a keynote speech: We areTianda, we are Vallourec, we are Winners!

(Vallourec is a family, we are all champions!)The event is successfully concluded.

Everyone enjoys all the games in thepast few days, although there are joy of winning and pity for mistakes. The eventis very successful. All the teams have shown their skills and made friends witheach other through the competition.

Finally, we would like to especiallythank the company for its support and participation in this event, thank allthe team members, and all the people who organize this event!

(From left to right: Pascal Braquehais,President of Vallourec Northeast Asia, Gaetan Deboosere, Tianda MaintenanceSpecialist, Claudio Salzano, Steel Pipe Plant Maintenance Trainer, BianShouqing, Tianda Electrical Equipment Manager, Bogdan Burchila, Chairman ofTianda Oil Pipe)

We are family,we are winners!

The next session is more exciting, let us see you there!