Who will uphold the cup after the Final match!

In the final round of the group match, the Specialist Team qualified for the semi-final with three consecutive wins, scoring 27 and conceding only 4, and showing strong strength. On September 13, 2018, they will play against the Maintenance Team. We will see whether the Maintenance Team can withstand the attack of the Specialist Team. The CIT/Safety Team kept their passion for the game, but unfortunately failed to defeat the more powerful Officer Team and missed the final stage.

In Group B, the Boss Team easily defeated the Production Team, and topped the group because of more goal difference than the Maintenance Team. They will play against the Officer Team at the semi-final.
The Maintenance Team faced intense defense from Threading Team B and finally got a hard win by 1:0 for the last ticket to the semi-final.

Below is the table of the two groups:

Group A
Specialist Team  9
Officer Team  6
CIT/Safety Team  3
Threading Team A 0
Group B
Boss Team   7
Maintenance Team 7
Threading Team B 3
Production Team  0

At the end of the group stage, Specialist Team ranked first and Officer Team second in Group A. Boss Team ranked first and Maintenance Team second in Group B.
In the knockout round: Specialist Team VS Maintenance Team; Boss Team VS Officer Team.
The champion will be unveiled tonight.

The main organizers and planners of this event are Bian Shouqing, Tianda Electrical Equipment Manager, Claudio Salzano, Steel Pipe Plant Maintenance Trainer, Gaetan Deboosere, Tianda Maintenance Technology Expert, Chen Biaozhou, Tianda Boiler Alloy Sales Manager, and Xu Yubin, Tianda Human Resources Manager. We would like to express our heartfelt congratulations and sincere gratitude to them for bringing us this wonderful game!