Safety in China Operations

On June 19, VCHA attained the symbolic threshold of2,000 days without Lost Time Injury (LTI), aremarkable result achieved thanks to the application of CAPTEN+ SAFEtools.

Mathieu Barreau,General Manager of VCHA and Valinox Nucléaire Tubes(VNG GZ), congratulated allstaff while appealing for continued vigilance in this field: “We must alwaysbe wary of the risks of over-confidence and complacency in connection withsafety. We are in line with the Group’s targets and must continue to upholdthis safety performance in the future.

(Pic:Group Photo of VCHA andVAM CZ)

VAM® (Changzhou)and Valinox Nucléaire Tubes are also at a Total Reported Injury Rate (TRIR) ofzero, which is again a remarkable result, without any injuries for severalyears.

(Pic:GroupPhoto of VNG GZ)

For its part,since its acquisition, Tianda has been the focus of great efforts in terms ofsafety, based on the three traditional areas of improvement: behavior,organization and equipment.

(Pic:GroupPhoto of Tianda)

"I am very pleased with theinitial results obtained since the acquisition of Tianda, while encouragingcontinued caution and humility concerning safety." comments Pascal Braquehais, Managing Directorof Vallourec North East Asia in the MEA region.

"Safety is a good exampleof the combined success of the Tianda teams within Vallourec: the Vallourecteams give advice about the winning methods and Tianda applies itintelligently, which is allowing it to catch up with the Group’s standards veryquickly. The benchmarks and help given to Tianda by our other historic Chineseplants also have a lot to do with it; the approach and the results are bringingus completely in line with the Group’s values, where safety is the number onepriority and everyone is responsible for their own safety but also that ofothers. "

The same CAPTEN+ SAFEtools are being progressively rolled out in this company (safety visits, safety¼ hours, risk assessment, and safety steering committees are already in place).Special attention is paid to the four types of risk that could potentially leadto serious accidents: mechanical handling operations, lock out tag out (LOTO),work at height, and confined spaces, with associated action plans.

Today, these effortscan be seen in the results: TRIR and LTIR have been halved within a year, and are now at thelevel reached by the rest of the Group in 2014, so just four years ago.Furthermore the trends for these two rates show continuous improvement.