Two Cooperation Agreements with HQC and SENPEC

China, Nuclear, Power generation 

Vallourec signed twocooperation agreements with HQC and SENPEC, witnessed by the Chinese and FrenchPrime Ministers

During the officialvisit to China by the French Prime Minister, Edouard Philippe, Vallourec signed,on June 25th, in Beijing, two cooperation agreements with two important leadingcompanies in China's nuclear power equipment industry - Harbin Electric Corporation (Qinhuangdao) Heavy Equipment Co., LTD.(HQC), and Shanghai Electric NuclearPower Equipment Co., LTD. (SENPEC), the signing being witnessed by Chinese PrimeMinister Li Keqiang,and French Prime Minister.

The agreements willenable Valinox Nucléaire Tubes (Guangzhou), based in Nansha, Guangdong, toprovide heat exchanger tubes (nickel alloy 690, OD 17.48mm) for Hualong no. 1’ssteam generators. Pascal Braquehais, Managing Director Vallourec Northeast Asiaand General Delegate Vallourec China, signed the agreements respectively with QianGang, Chief Financial Officer of Harbin Electric Corporation Heavy EquipmentCo., Ltd. (HQC), and Chen Jie, Deputy General Manager of Shanghai ElectricNuclear Power Equipment Co., Ltd. (SENPEC). 

PascalBraquehais, Managing Director Vallourec Northeast Asia (frontrow, 1st from the left) and Qian Gang, Chief Financial Officer HQC (frontrow, 2nd from the left)

PascalBraquehais, Managing Director Vallourec Northeast Asia (front row, 1st from the left) andChen Jie, Deputy General Manager SENPEC (front row, 2nd from the left) 

The cooperation between Vallourec andthe two Chinese partners, HQC and SENPEC, is highly consistent with the main aimsof the Prime Minister's visit and has been highly regarded by both governments."Hualong no. 1" is indeed the third-generation nuclear power design withindependent intellectual property rights in China. It is the result of morethan 20 years of experience in China's nuclear power construction and operationas well as the world’s most advanced design concepts. 

In the framework of the agreements, theValinox Nucléaire mill of Nansha will produce, as of the beginning of 2019, steamgenerator tube bundles. 

Valinox Nucléaire Tubes (Guangzhou) is smoothly finishing steamgenerator tube bundles of AP1000 (Gen. III) whose technical requirements insome aspects are even higher than those of the Hualong design. Based on itsexperience in industrial manufacturing, Nansha plant has sufficient productioncapability to produce tubes of the Hualong design.  

Valinox Nucléaire is very proud toreceive official approval and to be awarded the "Hualong no. 1"qualification, so that it is now fully recognized as a high class localmanufacturer of steam generator tubes, bringing therefore the best products to itscustomers.