Vallourec develops shaped pipes

Thanks to the technicalachievements in the Aulnoye-Aymeries forge, Vallourec makes pipes withgeometrical variations along their length.

Typically, line pipeshave a constant outer diameter (OD), inner diameter (ID) and wall thickness(WT) onto which various forged accessories are then welded: buckle arrestor,J-Lay collar, anchor, tapered joint, upset ends, offshore structures, etc. ShapedPipes, instead, are designed with geometrical variations along the pipe lengththat already integrate these hard to weld components.

Today, Vallourec iscapable of providing pipes in all shapes and sizes from its unique pipe forgeand patented 'Premium Forged Pipes®' process in Aulnoye-Aymeries, France. TheGroup's innovative offer of Shaped Pipes provides the offshore line pipe marketwith accessories already incorporated in the pipes, to project specification,tolerances, diameter and thickness ... perfectly tailored to client designs andrequests!

The Shaped Pipeinitiative from Project Line Pipe is an idea born from collective team work,a passion for heavy industry, customer feedback and collaborative R&D.Vallourec now offers the offshore line pipe market with unique,non-standard, customized pipes. Shaped pipes can vary and be bulbous, oval,chunky and conical, depending on the forged component, the customer's requestand the final application.

Elina Thurel, TechnicalBusiness Development Manager, specifies: "Integrating short forgedcomponents into a 12.2 m offshore pipe drastically reduces the total cost forthe client, as sourcing separate items, adapting them and welding them is moreexpensive and complex than a single incorporated solution. When the clientreceives our shaped pipes, the component is already integrated, and the pipe isready to be used."