Developing Geothermal Energy in Djibouti

OCTG,Oil gas

Vallourec is delivering OCTG solutions forthe Geothermal Energy project in Djibouti.

Lake Assal is a salinelake, 155m below sea level, situated in central-western Djibouti at the top ofthe Great Rift Valley. The geothermal potential of the area, known for itsseismic and volcanic activity, has been studied for many years and now thedrilling campaign to capture this energy is under way!  

The project in the FialeCaldera area of Lake Assal consists of drilling 4 exploration wells for a newgeothermal power plant, set to come on-line in 2021. The power plant will havea total capacity of 50 MW. Vallourec is supplying OCTG and VAM®Field Service to the project. The Fiale project is managed by the ProjectManagement Unit under the authority of Electricity of Djibouti, EDD. It isfinanced by the World Bank, the African Bank for Development, OPIC, FrenchAgency for Development, GEF and ESMAP.

The produced fluid fromthe wells is expected to be concentrated sea water that has been heated toaround 305°C, although the temperatures could be as high as 360°C at the bottomof the well. The wells will be drilled directionally, reaching vertical depthof 2,500 meters. Alvaro Rodriguez, Vallourec Product Leader for Geothermal,explains: "Geothermal wells need to withstand high temperaturefluctuations which induce very high compression stresses on the string. Our VAM®21 and VAM TOP ® HC (high compression) connections are perfectlyadapted to this application and have been extensively tested to ensuresealability performances". Vallourec will also provide on-siteassistance through VAM® Field Service engineers to ensure thecorrect running of the casing and production strings with the drillingcontractor.    

For the government ofDjibouti, geothermal energy represents a low cost, renewable and clean energysource which will generalise access to electricity for the population andpromote economic development. On its side, Vallourec is committed to supportingthe development of geothermal energy to make this challenge a reality.    

Vallourec will supply 800 tons of OCTG from its mills in France and Germany

Grades: X56, K55, L80

Sizes: 30" 24" 18 5/8" 13 3/8" 9 5/8" 7" 4 ½"

Beveled ends, BIG OMEGA, VAM® 21, VAM TOP ® HC

VAM® Field Service