Vallourec takes part in a highway development project

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MSH sections by Vallourec were used for aspecial design of sound barriers and gantries of Autobahn A7 in Germany.


The ambitious highwaydevelopment project on the German Autobahn 7, undertaken by the workingcommunity ARGE A7 Bordersholm in the North of Germany and for which Vallourec'scontribution has been requested, is answering several fundamental concerns.

Onthe one hand, the 6- to 8-lane expansion of the German Autobahn A7 fromjunction Bordersholm up north to junction Hamburg Nordwest leads throughdensely populated areas - a situation which demanded efficient noise protectionmeasures. Several tunnels and more than 4 km of sound barrier constructionswere included in the motorway design in order to fulfill stricter legal requirementsin conjunction with increased traffic volume. On the other hand, the projectdevelopers regarded the motorway enclosures and gantries as part of the urbandevelopment and included their special design demands already in the tender.Elegant and fluent component leads to the tunnel portals were demanded bothfrom the median and from the sidewalls.

Toanswer this unusual request and create the 4,050 of sound barriers, 21 gantriesand 2 tunnel porters, the developers have called upon Vallourec's core expertise.MSH sections were selected for their structural characteristics, but also toimprove the signs' general aesthetics. They are circular tubes of higher wallthicknesses, which allowed a substantial reduction of the sections' outerdiameters and hence much more filigree threecord and lattice trusses.

Thetubes were produced employing Vallourec Group's renowned industrial expertise,which gave them exceptional mechanical characteristics, making them very strongand resilient, necessary qualities for this type of challenging structure.Vallourec's premium tubing solutions have been used in the construction of manypieces of infrastructure, including bridges, stadiums, and airports, amongother bold architectural projects, such as the Orly footbridge, the Musée desConfluences in Lyon and the One World Trade Center.

Rightnow, construction work on the A7 is still in progress and scheduled to befinished by the end of 2018.


Elegantsound barriers and gantries designed with MSH sections by Vallourec are part ofthe highway development project on the Autobahn A7 in Northern Germany.

Aconstruction based on MSH sections of higher wall thicknesses allowed areduction of outer diameters for a slim design of the tubular threecord andlattice trusses.


Entranceto the 2.4 km long tunnel: elegant and fluent component leads from the upperprojections of the sound barriers on the median and the outer sidewalls of themotorway to the tunnel portals.