Interview: Walking Ahead of Innovative Work

Interview: Walking Ahead of Innovative Work
- Preventive Maintenance

ZhuZongbao, Preventive equipment maintenance manager


Zhu Zongbao, Preventive Equipment Maintenance Manager, studied mechanical automation and materials science on his own several years ago, even though his initially major is Marketing and Management.

Mr Zhu remembered that “maintenance requires at least 5 years of maintenance experience, skilled operation of CAD drawings, 3D drawings and even mechanical designing. It is a must for this job to acquire the knowledge.”

We cooperate closely with European experts and coworkers from Changzhou sister companies. I learn Vallourec’s preventive maintenance experience and methods offered by French expert Mr. Ludovic Bourdon, Mr. Ludovic Lambour and Mr. Gui GuangLi from Changzhou, then apply them to the daily work at Tianda, to eliminate equipment failure and interuption of production, at the same time to improve equipment utilization and reduce the failure rate. Maintenance works require you always pay attention to details, actually, care of inconspicuous details will bring benefits to us.However, we are at an exchange stage between new and old ideas.

If there is no preventive maintenance, the loss caused by the unplanned downtime is likely to occur. Preventive maintenance saves costs by increasing the productivity of the equipment.In terms of long-term impact and cost comparison,preventive maintenance is more meaningful than routine maintenance when equipment fails. “Joining Vallourec and Tianda team is a good opportunity for my personal development.

It helps me enhance my ability to work and my own competitiveness and improve my occupational value. Vallourec’s values are now integrated with Tianda’s pragmatic, hard-working traditional culture, and I believe this can lead us to a common goal.” said Zhu Zongbao.