Vallourec has signed a contract with Badr El Din Petroleum Company (BAPETCO), a joint venture between Shell and the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation.

Boulogne-Billancourt,21 September 2017 - Vallourec has signed a contract withBadr El Din Petroleum Company (BAPETCO), a joint venture between Shell and theEgyptian General Petroleum Corporation. This agreement concerns the supply oftubular solutions (OCTG) for 60 to 70 gas wells of an onshore project in theWestern Desert of Egypt.

Vallourec will use one of the new production routescreated in recent months under its Transformation Plan. Most of the seamlesscarbon steel tubes will be produced by Tianda, the new plant purchased by theVallourec Group in 2016 in Chuzhou, China (North of Shanghai), while thepremium VAM TOP® threading will be made at Vallourec's Chinese threading plantin Changzhou.

Additionally, premium tubes made from corrosion-resistantmaterial such as 13%Cr and Super 13%Cr proprietary grades will be produced atVallourec’s European plants in France and Germany.

According to Didier Hornet, SVP of Vallourec'sDevelopment and Innovation Department "Ourlocal presence, through Vallourec's Egyptian office, has in recent years beenkey to understanding our customers' expectations. We are proud to have won thisnew contract in a market as competitive as Egypt. Thanks to the efforts we madein the recent months, as part of our Transformation Plan, we are fully able tooffer our customers competitive solutions across the range of OCTGproducts".