VM12-SHC: high performance at a competitive price

An ElectricPower Research Institute (EPRI) study find out that the very popular steelgrade T/P91 has become less resistant to creep.

Under these circumstances, Vallourec'sVM12-SHC, since 2014 covered under ASME Code Case 2781, becomes a highlyattractive alternative. Moreover, due to Vallourec's competitive pricepositioning, the gap has increased substantially between ferritic VM12-SHC andstainless alternatives, which are now a lot more costly.

Due to its material properties –outstanding high-temperature strength and creep resistance, excellent oxidationresistance up to 620 °C and very good weldability, VM12-SHC has alreadybeen successfully used in European power plant design for modern hightemperature power plants and heat recovery steam generators (HRSG). In somerenovation projects it also replaced grade X20CrMoV11-1 superheating pipes inexisting power plants. Substantial VM12-SHC bookings were recently made forEuropean qualifier programs as well as for two CCPP-projects.

Vallourec's VM12-SHC, a martensitic12%Cr steel, strongly comes into play as a high-quality alternative for hightemperature applications in USC coal and HRSG power plants. Furthermore it isan adequate replacement for superheater and reheater tubings in maintenancejobs.