Life concerning, Diet improving
To provide comfortable and hygienic dining environment for employees, meanwhile, try to improve employee life. The management of canteen is treated as a major event in Tianda, and we also try to take different measures to strengthen food management and improve staff life.
Tianda invested money to improve the facilities in canteen: Change all the tables to stainless steel tables, buy new disinfection cabinets, air conditioning, etc., making sure that the canteenis clean and hygienic, and that the staff can
enjoy the food and feel at ease; we take a“payment with subsidy ”style, Tianda don’t  increase the payment part but give more  subsidy, that can make sure that the stuff don’t spend more money even they can have better food; we strictly control costs, ensure food quality, and make full use of every penny.
The quality improvement of canteen relects the company's concern and care for employees, and has been widely recognized.