Tianda pipe, Contacted Ice and Fire in South China Sea

July 9th, test continuous 60 days of combustible ice test mining project in South China Sea came to an end, marking a historic breakthrough in the combustible ice development.
Under the flame, above the sea bed, 4,000 meter of 4 1/2 "17 # L80  VAM® TOP tubing from Vallourec’s Tianda factory safely and securely connected the ice to the flame.
As an important national scientiic research project, this combustible ice test mining project has high requirement and tight time window. Vallourec Oil & Gas Premium Equipment Co., Ltd. (VOGC) attaches great importance to the project. From selection of materials in November 2016 and obtaining orders in December, to product delivery in February 2017, it just took 3 months, which includes 10 days of China’s Spring Festival!
In order to support the project, VOGC and Tianda, VAM Changzhou, It is Valllourec Asia Paciic Singapore company fully coordinated and communicated with each other, and completed the production  of 4 1/2 " Pipe,  VAM® TOP connection threading, and supporting accessories with the fastest  speed, fine quality and full quantity, to ensure that the project started drilling as scheduled.
Since it is the first time the construction contractor China National Petroleum Offshore Engineering Co., Ltd (CPOE) uses VAM® TOP tubing connection, VOGC  echnicians came to the company quite many times, providing a full range of technical support and personnel training on selecting connections, operation
and maintenance of VAM product, to ensure that  VAM® TOP tubing are safe and reliable on construction sites.