420 km of welds!

Serimax has successfully finished the welding scope of the TANAP project
Serimax, a Vallourec subsidiary and leader for on- and offshore welding solutions, has successfully completed the welding scope for the gas landline project Tanap (Trans Anatolian natural gas pipeline project) which will transport gas from Azerbaijan's Shah Deniz field (Caspian Sea) to Europe via Turkey. The main pipeline which travels from East to West through Turkey reaches a total of 1850km, with 19km running under the Sea of Marmara.
For this particularly ambitious project, Serimax deployed 15 stations equipped with the high-tech automated welding solution (Saturnax 051) and 4 Maxiluc2 re-rounder clamps to manage the steep slopes (up to 25° in remote areas).
The initial challenge was ensuring all necessary equipment was mobilised and ready to begin on-site qualifications over a tight four week time frame. The following welding of large diameter pipes (56'') with large thicknesses (19.5mm to 30mm) took place in a particularly demanding environment, crossing mountains up to a height of 2,500m and facing harsh climatic conditions such as severe cold (-25°C).  
Thanks to the team's unparalleled know-how, rigorous project-management procedures and the extreme reliability of the equipment used, Serimax assured a quality service and productively welded 25,700 56" welds, resulting in approx 420 Km in total. 
[1] The Saturnax is an orbital welding equipment for pipeline applications.
[2] Maxiluc is an extra-strong pneumatic line-up field proven clamp that facilitates and accelerates spacing, thus optimizing welding cycle time. It is a key factor when it comes to meeting the stringent requirements of welding and mechanical specifications.