In June, in all Vallourec’s sites, we celebrate our traditional Safety Day.

“Today's "safety day" activities will help you understand the importance of safety day and comply with relevant safety regulations. Not only is today concerned about security, but more importantly, in the future, every day to pay attention to safety.” Mr. Bogdan Burchila, Chairman of Anhui Tianda Oil Pipe Co., Ltd., mentioned in his message.
During the Safe Day, Anhui Tianda Oil Pipe implemented the safety performance demonstration, and carried on the Golden Rule to the entire staff, strengthened the knowledge training of latest 8 safety rules. 

“This event is of tremendous importance to our Group since it provides a great opportunity to collectively reflect on our achievements and our progress still needed in the area of safety. The Safety Day allows us to rally around a common goal, namely: reminding everyone that safety must remain our first priority both now and in the future.” In his message, Mr. Philippe Crouzet, Chairman of Vallourec Management Board, reinforces this priority by restating our “Zero fatality” objective and by drawing our 2017 road map for the upcoming months with three major initiatives: the training of new hires, the improvement of our individual and group behavior and the implementation of our eight new golden rules.

 The Safety is also the opportunity to recognize the teams that continuously contribute to improve workplace safety in our facilities through the attribution of our Group Excellence Safety Award.
 This attribution is based on two series of parameters:
1. Safety performance parameters: meeting our Group’s LTIR and TRIR targets, improving continuously LTIR and TRIR over the last 3 years
2. Safety management system parameters and implementation of the safety “Tool box”: safety visits, risk reduction, OHSAS 18001 certification…And the winner of the 2016 Group Excellence Safety Award is… Vallourec Drilling Product Middle East Dubai plant! The VSB plant of Barreiro deserves also a special attention for its last year performance.6 years and a half without any lost time injury
The Vallourec Drilling Product Middle East Dubai plant is a Group benchmark: on December 31st, 2016 the facility reached the milestone of 2,445 days, about 6 years and a half, without any lost time injury, and 523 days, about 1 year and a half, without recordable accident. The management leadership, with the commitment of all teams, has been key to achieve these performances with multinational teams. 
Nicolas Ego, Industrial Performance Director of Middle East & Asia Region, pointed out: “Our safety performance continues to improve and the facilities in UAE are proving to be among the best within Vallourec. The challenge now is to sustain the good results by continuing the same focus and efforts that have helped us reach this fantastic milestone and avoid any complacency.”