20,000 welds for Moho Nord

Last March, the final weld, out of the 20,000 welds, attributed to Serimax for the Moho Nord project was completed onboard the Technip Global 1200 vessel. Launched by Total off the Congolese coast in 2013, Moho Nord is viewed by the major as being the biggest oil development to date in the Republic of the Congo.
Moho Nord was a great success for Serimax who were assigned, back in November 2013, an impressive scope of work including 17 welding lines which represents circa 225 KM of 6.625” to 20.25” tube diameters in addition with managing the non-destructive testing (NDT) suppliers. Four Saturnax 07 stations were anticipated and supplied for the deep offshore project, located 75 kilometers offshore Pointe-Noire to manage the pipe-end challenges that Serimax expected.
The teams worked safely for just over three years, right from winning the contract to completing the final weld on board. Frédéric Kergroach, Serimax’s Project Manager, underlined: “We are very proud of our work since we have reached a good quality level, with an overall repair rate of less that 1.6% despite stringent acceptance criteria and all this with an excellent safety performance right until the final stage of the project, which was noticed and rewarded several times by Technip”.