Launch of VAM® X-Force™: the next generation of performance

Vallourec launches an innovative drill pipe connection for challenging environments

Vallourec unveils today VAM® X-Force™, an innovative connection designed to drill in the most challenging environments. The new connection pushes the limits of the existing technologies to reach deeper, more remote hydrocarbon reservoirs.

The new connection is designed to provide twicethe torsional strength of an API connection and the improved hydraulicsrequired to drill in the most challenging horizontal and extended reach wells.

Oil and gas companies are continuously lookingto mitigate drilling risks and reduce total drilling costs. Vallourec’s newdrill pipe connection was designed to achieve higher rates of penetration (ROP)and lower non-productive times (NPT), these are essential parameters to improveefficiency and operational performance of a drilling program.

By combining the traditional double shoulderdesign with an innovative thread profile, VAM® X-Force™ demonstrates excellent mechanical, operational and economicperformance:

  •     Mechanical: by providing the highest torque available in the market and thelongest fatigue life without degrading the tensile strength of the connection;
  •     Operational: by increasing the speed of make-up, saving time on the rig,without degrading break-out torque;
  •     Economic: by maintaining the “easy to use” and robustness characteristicsof VAM® Express, while making it easy and cost-efficient to repair.

VAM® X-Force™ was jointly developed in the R&D centers in Houston (US) andAulnoye-Aymeries (France), with the support of the engineering and commercialteams across the group.

Currently in use by major oil and gas operators,VAM® X-Force™ is the next generation of drilling connections.