Q355GNHE high strength and high strength weathering steel pipe

The weathering steel, atmospheric corrosion resistant steel, is containing a small amount of alloy elements, has good corrosion resistance in the atmosphere, compared to the high strength low alloy steel stainless steel with low cost. Widely used in bridges, buildings, vehicles, containers, and other industries. The main transmission tower in Cu-P system as the foundation, adding alloy other elements to improve the corrosion resistance of the steel is to improve the corrosion resistance of.P steel is the most effective, the most economic elements, but greatly limits the comprehensive mechanical properties. The weathering steel company through low carbonization, adding a small amount of Cr-Ni components, the development of Cu-P-Cr-Ni weathering steel pipe. The test evaluation, the yield strength reached 420MPa, low temperature the impact toughness of -40 DEG C to 80J, from the coast to 375m exposure, exposure to 24 months, the corrosion rate of 32um/a, to design and use of Q355GNHE products.
It is reported that the domestic only GB/T4171< weather resistant structural steel standards, there is no special weathering steel pipe standard. The company is committed to the development and promotion of weathering steel pipe enterprise standards.