Critical boiler WB36 production of timber

WB36 is 15NiCuMoNb5, en grades for 15NiCuMoNi5-6-4 is Mannesmann Demag company standard grades, after being included in the TuV norms have been used. Mainly on the basis of low carbon manganese steel with Ni-Cu-Mo-Nb alloy and fine grain strengthening and precipitation strengthening effect, greatly improve the high temperature strength and creep rupture strength, for use in temperature of 400 degrees, used in super critical unit boiler, steam water separator, steam generator, steam pipe and nuclear power equipment, such as high-pressure components. Has been, mainly rely on imports.
Company after more than a year of research and development, trial production, evaluation, customer recognition, now has a batch of production and sales, for ultra supercritical boiler materials localization to the own contribution.