Company to develop 09Mn2VDG low temperature tube

Recently, came the good news from the technology center, company development 09Mn2VDG low temperature with tube after a series of evaluation test and success. Sales center at the same time also came the good news, the company signed a newly developed 09Mn2VDG 325x10 cryogenic pipe trial order for 60 tons. This is company technology is a typical case of marketing services, technology and marketing go hand in hand.
09Mn2VDG cryogenic pipeline in 70 DEG C under the condition of use and adoption of standards GB/T18984. uses low carbon, mn-nb-v micro alloy concept, improve the low temperature toughness and weldability. After a series of matching test, trial production, test, continuous adjustment process, and finally a smooth successful development.
The next step, the company will continue to develop the -196 C ~-273 C ultra low temperature pipe.