The company awarded the Russian Classification Society (RS) classification recognition

Recently, the company was awarded from headquarters in St. Petersburg, Russia (Russian MARITIME the register of shipping, the abbreviation RS) classification society issued by the factory approval certificate, which is another achievement of the company for many years in the field of shipbuilding has, so far, our made a total of CCS, ABS and LR, DNV-GL, BV, NK, Kr, Rina and RS ten classification recognition.
Over the years, the company has been working to provide first-class products and service for the project construction of ship and ocean engineering. Keep close communication with the classification society, to keep abreast of the latest specifications and the ship's dynamic, research and development of new technology and new products to meet new requirements. Over the years, the company in the construction of quality system, production, test process control, continuous improvement, to high-quality products and services won the customer's reputation. Products in the domestic and international shipping and marine engineering field champion.
RS recognition, to promote the company's products in the application of classification in Russia, especially in the development of low temperature with the tube on the floor.